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Research group at a glance

Research group at a glance


Research is the most important factor of economical, social, cultural and even political dynamics in every country. Today, all activities for improving products quality and development, provided new services, using advanced technologies, improving production process and reducing the costs, all of them are formed in search activities framework such that research and development are more vital than any other element in moving science and technology use and research is the requirement for adjusting with the changing world. Global experiences, especially successful development of new industrialized countries indicated that all countries passed the way of research development for reaching these successes.

Thus, we should consider research as a necessary element for our economic survival, because every day, global economy depends more and more on technology.

So, this research helps to face with increasing challenges especially in science and technology which country prosperity and future depend on it in required readiness and reinforce our national power in global competition.

With enjoying knowledge management, we could act such that our country will proceed in the world in supply and demand management and public fair access to “healthy and adequate water proportional to the national capacities” and “sewage hygienic services”

Research group is sub- group of planning and human resources deputy.


These group’s goals:

  • Complying and suggesting research policies of Lorestan Water and Wastewater industry in the framework of  higher approvals research council
  • Monitoring the necessity of research in different units of the company and compiling the annual research priorities.
  • Being in relationship and coordination with research and technology office of research and industrial self-sufficiency deputy of Iran water and wastewater engineering company
  • Planning for production and knowledge deepening and technology transfer in water and wastewater industry in Lorestan
  • Providing some strategies for promoting the productivity of company units by optimal use of the current human resources and facilities
  • Identifying and employing scientific capabilities in the province
  • Publishing the research culture in the company
  • Introducing and developing scientific and research achievements
  • Publishing and developing the obtained results from company research
  • Providing annual performance report of company researches



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