Water is life - Respect it, Conserve it, Enjoy it
Ethical prism

Ethical prism

We believe that:

  • Our services cause to enrich and ascend public lives and reinforce our relationship with them
  • Public satisfaction is company success sign, so we are bound to this feature as we serve.
  • Company employees are the most valuable resources, so there is no doubt about their influence on the customers
  • We note to the company success in every aspect but we know that as a tool for reaching to a wider goal which is to provide suitable services
  • In every condition, we are bound to ethical principles, religious and spiritual attributes

 So, preserving our identity, we never forget the following values which are our guiding resources for God-satisfying service to the customers:

  • Bound to ethical principles and spiritual attributes
  • Observing courtesy, tact, equity and justice
  • Saving and avoiding dissipation and wasting
  • Arrangement, adornment and punctuality
  • Accountability

Hamidreza Karamvand

Managing director and chairman of the board of directors



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