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Company history and introduction

 1-  Establishment and starting up

 2-  Subject and goal

 3-  Head office

 4-  Capital

 5-  Fundamentals

 6-  Board members


1- Establishment and starting up

According to the article 1 of Formation rule of water and wastewater companies approved in January 13th 1990, in July 18th 1993, Lorestan water and wastewater company (private joint stock) was established in order to create and operate the urban water division and distribution facilities and the related installments for gathering, transmission and refinery of whole Lorestan province and began to act with the following goals:

2- Subject and goal

Main activities of the company according to the article one of the articles of association include:

  • Operating the related installations for providing  and distribution of the urban city after basin such as refineries, pumping station, transmission lines, resources, wells, control systems and distribution networks.
  • Operating the wastewater calculation and transmission, refineries and the related pumping stations
  • Operating the related networks for urban water distribution
  • Gathering, transmission and wastewater refinery sketches
  • Implanting the providing and transmission designs according to Note (3) in article one.
  • Investing and participation in those companies and organizations related to the company goals and duties in order to improve  the company activities qualitatively and quantitatively
  • Performing training researches in line with the company goals and according to Iran water and wastewater engineering company planning
  • Establishing new companies according to Note (2) in article one
  • Company can form some divisions or representatives or back-up offices by approving the general assembly chairman
  • Lorestan Water and Wastewater Company services are limited to the covered cities legal borders.
  • The duration of the company is unlimited.


Lorestan Water and Wastewater Company has a legal personality and is financially independent and it is managed according to the rules for establishing water and wastewater companies and this statute regulations and  its office is located in valiasr Bolívar, Kio square, Khorramabad.


3- Company capital

The capital of the company is 100,000,000 Rials which is divided into 1000 shares of 100,000 Rials. Shareholders names, number and share percent are as following:

Lorestan municipalities, 490 shares (49%), Iran water and wastewater engineering company, 480 shares (48%) and Saba investing company, 30 shares (3%)

4- Fundamentals

  • General assembly: Chairmanship of the general assembly is undertaken by the power minister or his or her plenipotentiary representative
  • Board of directors: the board of directors is composed of three principal members (whom one  is managing director and two substitute members)
  • Managing director : the highest executive of the company performing the acts of the board of directors
  • Inspector: ordinary general assembly assign a principal inspector and if necessary, a substitute inspector for one year


5- Principal members of the board of directors

  • Hamidreza Karamvand
  • Taher Fallahnejad
  • ahmad moradpoor




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